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I am a resident of a large condo complex and have been on their board of directors of the condos for four years now and have worked closely with Pfefferle Management. I have worked with two different Property managers which have been very professional and helpful in all ways they have been there when you need them. They take care of all our records, manage venders, take care of our maintenance, and pay our bills so we do not have a lot to worry about they always seem to come up with a solution when there is a problem. They have good background and contacts from which to draw from for solutions to any problem.

I highly recommend Pfefferle Management for your condos or buildings.

~ William Eggleston



Each property has unique characteristics and requires specific services.  We work together to create a plan that addresses your property management needs.

Our collaboration with your Board of Directors helps to create an environment for a successful community.

Our Management Team consists of dedicated, full-time property managers with many years of experience with associations of various sizes.

Property management services for Condos include:

  • Full-service management
  • Fee collection
  • Manage day-to-day maintenance
  • Record keeping
  • Detailed reports
  • Project proposals
  • Preventive maintenance programs

New Project? We can help to make it a reality.

Pfefferle has worked with the developers of condominiums.  Our experience and expertise are integral parts of planning a successful project, along with the advice of your attorney and accountant.

Questions?  Requests?

Contact the Pfefferle Management Residential office nearest you for more information and details.

                              Appleton:   920.730.4284 or
                              Wausau:     715.261.2260 or


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