Commercial Facility Management

Maintaining and managing the physical facility or property, while focusing on expense management, facility management includes all of the services within contract management and finishes the job by managing and maintaining the entire facility.

  • Contract management
  • Recurring maintenance items performed by a Pfefferle maintenance engineer
  • Scheduled site inspections
  • Computerized work order system
  • Life safety / risk management
  • Energy management

Medical Facility Management

Maintaining and managing a medical facility includes typical facility management with the specialties required for managing a medical facility. All of our technicians are specialized, experienced, trained and WHEA-certified (Wisconsin Hospital Engineers Association), meeting jurisdictional requirements.

  • WHEA members and technicians that are WHEA Certified
  • Pfefferle medical technicians work with inspectors developing approved inspection programs.

“Pfefferle has been successful in managing facilities for several decades, and are well-known to be responsible and affordable. They have a proven track record in timeliness of performance, cost control, effective management, customer satisfaction, and technical expertise in complicated matters such as technical and mechanical repairs, while reducing operational costs and enhancing tenant satisfaction. Indeed, for 26 years when I practiced medicine as an Allergy and Asthma Specialist, I rented space in buildings under their management – and as such, I have a unique point of view as to their superior responsiveness and skills.”

- Kagen Allergy Clinic; Solo Practitioner