In Memory of Mike Pfefferle

Mike Pfefferle, son of John Pfefferle and brother of Amy Pfefferle Oelhafen, served as President of Pfefferle Companies Inc. from 2010 until his passing in 2021. Mike worked hard to instill all types of positive qualities in Pfefferle Companies and did it by “leading by example” in everything he did. He was instrumental in the success of the company and its sustained growth over the years.

Mike leaves an incredible legacy behind through his leadership at Pfefferle Companies and through his devotion to his family; his wife, Lydie, and his children, Charlie, Sam, and Chloe.

Mike is deeply missed, but we continue to carry on his legacy, day in and day out, in everything we do at Pfefferle.

Mike Pfefferle