Spencer Village Condominiums

38-40 / 61-98 Spencer Village Ct
Appleton, WI 54914
34 Units

Welcome to Spencer Village Condominiums, a unique residential enclave in the heart of Appleton, Wisconsin, where the vision of creating a true village community has been realized. Established in the mid-80s, Spencer Village was meticulously planned to be a cohesive and inclusive condominium development, with all residential units belonging to one common association.

As you explore the history of Spencer Village Condominiums, you’ll discover the original plans in the “Condominium Declaration” that envisioned a harmonious blend of residential units. The West side, featuring units 61-97, was designated as “Phase A,” and the East side, with units 62-98, was labeled as “Phase B.” These phases were designed as 4-plexes, creating a village-like atmosphere. Additionally, “Phase C” was earmarked for duplexes, with units 38 & 40 being the only duplex in the Spencer Village HOA, completed in 1989.

While the initial vision aimed for further development, circumstances led to a shift in plans, with portions of the land being sold to other developers. This evolution has resulted in a diverse community at Spencer Village, now comprised of various residential structures, including apartment buildings, rental and owner-occupied duplexes, and 4-plexes.

In this vibrant neighborhood, most owner-occupied duplexes and 4-plexes operate under their own homeowner associations, ensuring a well-governed and tightly-knit community. Spencer Village Condominiums stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of community, offering a range of housing options while preserving the essence of the envisioned village concept. Explore the diverse residential landscape and become a part of the unique charm that defines Spencer Village Condominiums in Appleton, Wisconsin. Welcome home!