Pfefferle Management has trained security professionals on staff to help evaluate the security needs of your property, identify vulnerabilities, and develop a plan to address those vulnerabilities.


There are two methodologies to security design:

Feature Based
Feature-based design means starting with a checklist of desired systems (access control, cameras, intrusion detection, etc.) and then implementing them.

Objective Based
Objective-based design starts with identifying the goal of what security needs to do.

Pfefferle Management prefers the objective-based design approach. Using this approach, Pfefferle Management’s team first defines the goals of any security project by looking at the specific needs and concerns of the property owner. We then develop a plan that achieves those goals, recommending the security systems and practices that help, and eliminating the ones that do not. The result is a security system that both meets the owner’s needs and is cost-effective. Pfefferle Management can assist in the entire process –  from planning to installation. Whether it is a new installation or an existing system, our trained experts can take care of the maintenance and management of security systems, help maximize their benefit to the property, and protect your investment.

Security Services

  • Perform physical security surveys and vulnerability assessments of operations and facilities based on the client’s requirements and best practices.
  • Assist clients in the development of security programs.
  • Develop and manage hard key programs.
  • Provide management services for security installation projects.
  • Manage security guards’ vendors, including development of post orders (duties and actions), and monitoring incident response by guard vendor, ensuring compliance with post orders.
  • Conduct security training and education for client personnel on security tools and processes (e.g. suspicious packages, workplace violence, etc.).
  • Provide liaison function and support for local and federal law enforcement.
  • Maintain and manage all security systems, including:
    • Cameras
    • Access control
    • Security guard contracts
    • Key programs


Specialty technicians are only utilized when it’s the appropriate choice for a particular property. If a sub-contractor is hired, the skill set of the Pfefferle specialty technician is still used to enhance the performance of a sub-contractor.