Retail Property

Retail Property Management

With flexibility in mind, Pfefferle Management provides a variety of retail based management services that can be further customized to truly meet our client's specific needs.


Facilities Management

•   One number to call for all your facilities needs

•   Access to trained facility technicians 24/7

•   Provide tenant service directly through Pfefferle Management

•   Implement a proactive tenant relations program

•   Scheduled on-site property inspections

•   Oversee and manage any facilities subcontracted services (waste removal, landscaping, snow removal, lighting, 
     pest control, window washing, etc.)


Lease and Revenue Management

•   Provide designated accounting management to oversee all financial activities

•   Bill and collect all sources of revenue

•   Monitor and implement lease terms for all tenants

•   Provide in-house legal counsel to assist with lease administration

•   Provide bill and management of all common area maintenance expenses (CAM)

•   Provide year end common area maintenance recommendations

•   Full-service financial reporting


With a hands-on proactive approach to controlling common area maintenance costs, Pfefferle is able to ensure proper care of our clients' assets.