Pfefferle Management is committed to meeting the individual needs of each client and each property. Working closely with owners, landlords and tenants, we will create a customized cleaning schedule that is specifically tailored to each individual need. Pfefferle Management’s janitorial team has decades of experience with all commercial real estate types, including office, medical, retail, among others.

Our janitorial team has the knowledge and track record to not only maintain your facility, but to go above and beyond and exceed your expectations.

Additional Services Provided

  • Carpet Cleaning – Hot water extraction.
  • Hard Floor Maintenance – Scrubbing, stripping and sealing of ceramic, terrazzo, quarry tile or VCT.
  • Upholstery and Partition Cleaning – Cleaning of fabric, leather, vinyl/wood furniture and partition walls.
  • Post Construction Cleaning – Preparing a newly constructed or renovated facility for occupancy.
  • Window Cleaning – Cleaning partition glass, screens and interior windows, plus ground level exterior windows.
  • Tenant Turn-around Cleaning – Cleaning a tenant space post move-out and preparing it for showing or occupancy by new tenant.
  • Janitorial Cleaning Services – Available daily, every other day, weekly or bi-weekly.

Additional Assistance

  • Purchasing or providing consumable products at discounted rates.
  • Maintaining all types of dispensers.
  • Obtaining bids and outsourcing to provide the most cost-effective solutions.

All personnel must pass a background check before being hired. In-depth training includes:

  • Security, facility procedures, confidentiality, HIPPA, alarm, access restrictions
  • Specialized training, as needed, for tasks unique to an account
  • Safety: Chemicals, safe lifting, economy of motion

Janitorial personnel are monitored nightly by account supervisors to assure the owner’s needs are met consistently.


Specialty technicians are only utilized when it’s the appropriate choice for a particular property. If a sub-contractor is hired, the skill set of the Pfefferle specialty technician is still used to enhance the performance of a sub-contractor.