HVAC Services

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is one of the most critical components of managing and occupying a property. From preventative maintenance to service and replacement, Pfefferle Management’s HVAC team works with landlords, owners, developers and tenants, and is focused on control operating expenses and increasing tenant satisfaction/retention.

HVAC services include:

Preventative Maintenance

  • Increases life expectancy of equipment.
  • Identifies and corrects problems before they become catastrophic failures.
  • Increases effciency and decreases operating expenses.

Building HVAC Surveys

  • Provide comprehensive assessment of the HVAC system as a whole.
  • Identify areas for immediate improvements, future budgeting and capital planning.
  • Recommissioning of HVAC equipment to improve tenant satisfaction and provide utility savings.

HVAC Service

  • Respond to service calls with Pfefferle HVAC technicians who are familiar with your property, reducing billable time and increasing efficiency. Our goal is to help you manage your investment by extending equipment life and reducing future call backs.
  • Solve issues with the correct solution, extends equipment life and reduces further call backs.

HVAC Equipment Replacement

  • When equipment is beyond its usable life, facilitate the replacement process utilizing best practices.
  • Identify areas where Focus On Energy and other energy efficiency programs can help with cost.
  • Identify potential improvements of HVAC systems with value-added engineering.

Troubleshoot Building Automation Systems (BAS)

  • Carrier IVIEW
  • KMC
  • Johnson Metasys
  • Insight (Siemens)
  • Delta
  • Reliable
  • CSI – TAC


Pfefferle Management’s HVAC team is only utilized when it is the appropriate choice for a particular property. If a sub-contractor is hired, the skill set of our HVAC team can enhance the sub-contractor’s performance.