carla sewell

Carla Sewell

Administrative Assistant / Commercial Management
Phone: 920.560.5040
Categories: Commercial Team
Location: Appleton

Career Summary

Carla Sewell began her career with Pfefferle Management in 2016. She serves as the commercial management administrative assistant. Her main focus is to continuously enhance the quality, efficiency, and relevance of property management services provided to property owners, tenants, and clients. This is accomplished through her continuous involvement with the team in creating proposals, marketing materials and communicating with clients and team members associated with the commercial and residential divisions.

While much of her impact is delivered through her various roles, Carla relishes the opportunity to train staff in person. Her energy and passion come through when she is functioning as an instructor and sharing the tools that Pfefferle Management offers to support excellent customer interactions. Carla is the “go-to” person in the office.

Prior to joining Pfefferle Management, Carla enjoyed working in the medical field for over 16 years. She managed the customer service department, which consisted of 35 customer service representatives whose roles included patient admittance, admission deposits, ambulatory clerical services, telephone operators, and medical record keeping. She had the fortune of interacting and working alongside a wide range of medical specialists primarily in emergency and elective surgery admissions. It afforded her exposure to a vast and varied array of medical providers, as well as understanding the relationship between patients, primary care physicians, and non-physician staff in order to provide the highest quality care to patients. It also benefited her in following up and participating in the management of inpatients admitted through the medical facility. By being a member of the leadership team, she developed a very well-rounded and holistic approach to her management and customer service skill set.